I’m eating


Some may think that models don’t eat at all. But thats just not true. Not at all … 😀

As I am doing a lot of sports, I’m more or less hungry all the time 😀

I really appreciate eating and I couldn’t stand starving all the time. So mainly or in simple words, I try to have a balanced diet. This means that I try to stay focused and eat healthy for more or less 80% of the time but treat myself with the other 20%.

Whenever I feel like having a glass of wine, some chocolate, a burger or whatsoever, I’ll go for it.

In my view, counting calories makes no sense, because at some point you get bored by that and you will probably struggle and fall back into “bad habits”. I think it’s better to change your whole lifestyle instead of just restricting yourself. Life is about fun, enjoying meals and not just about sports, diet, healthy and clean eating.

By trying to eat 80% healthy you won’t have the feeling of missing out on something and with that it’s easier to achieve your goals on the long term 😉

If you would like to get to know more about that topic just tell me.

And for some food inspiration go to the recipes below.

Kiss, Diccty