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Mornings well spent - Cottera towels


As I moved back to my hometown to finish my law practice a couple of month ago, I first lived for a bit with my parents, which was quite nice during the summer period. I also love spending some time with family, especially when youve been abroad for a while.

However, I had the feeling thats its time to have my own apartment again. Especially after living in shared flats for the last two years.

Finally, my boyfriend and I moved back together and we designed the apartment in a new way.

During the time abroad and especially during the travels in Asia I realized that you don’t need that much stuff to be beyond happy.

After I came back to Germany I had the feeling that everything is moving so fast and everybody needs so much materialistic things – it was in a way just too much for me.

The decision was made: Sorting out my things !! And only keep the ones I really need!

I mean, honestly I had cloth which I didnt wear at least for the last two years.

And by now, I compromised my clothes to the amount which I really like and wear.

After I mucked out my closed and especially after ready a book about feng shui I thought it might do good to do the same with the apartement.

I figured out that the quality of living improves so much by only having a couple of things, which really fit.

I gave away everything which wasn’t in a good shape any more or which we just didn’t like any more and I stocked it up in quality.

One of the things I didn’t like the last years was our collection – and i really mean collection – of different towels. We literally hoarded towels, towels from my parents, from grandparents, holidays and so on. So by the end of the day we had simply too much and way too ugly towels. They were different in colour and shape and as i wanted the new apartment to be stylish I was super glad that I found @cotteratowels.

Cottera is a german brand, which produces towels at a high quality level and they are suuuper soft.

Despite that its super easy to recognize which towel belongs to whom.

The his and hers towels are in different color and name „ his „ and „ hers“ . SO you’ll never ever mix up towels again.

And for us ladies, they also have different towels in pink and white.

On top of that, as you may remember they also care for charity. Last year, Cottera and I worked together during the pink october, there was also a charity event included, to support the breast cancer organization zebra.

Luckily, now I stocked up my cotter towels and threw the old ones away.

Honestly, I’m happy every morning, when I hop out of the shower and cover my self in my lovely towels. Makes the morning lovelier :)

Go and check them out!!! >>  Cottera



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