During my trip around the Netherlands, I also visited a few cities in Belgium. Everybody is always talking about Brugge but as I’ve never been there, my favorite city so far is Antwerp.

We stayed in an Air B’n’B accommodation, which was quite good located (near Grote Markt), so it was possible for us to reach nearly everything by walking. And this is what I like most – exploring cities by walking, because I’ve the feeling that you get to know the area way better.

What I really liked about Antwerp is that the city center is built up around a IMG_1877cathedral and all the buildings are or seem to be ancient. There, around the Onze-Lieve-Vreuwekathedraal, you can find a lot of nice restaurants and cafés.

I also recommend to visit the cathedral. In my opinion it was one of the most impressive cathedrals I’ve seen so far, it’s not just only the architecture but moreover, there are a lot of artworks inside it. Well known are the four Rubens painting. My personal favorite was the statue of the Virgin Mary though.

Furthermore a walk along the river is also nice, we were lucky, because on that day there have been a sailing ship regatta, not a normal one, the ships were enormous and from all over the world, so this was quite a spectacle.

For having a couple of drinks – we found the perfect spot. Dogma Cocktails is designed in a way which is rather simple, the walls are old brick and the tables are old and wodden with just a single candle on it. The chairs are old and super comfy reading chairs or leather sofas. And their drinks are the most special items, to be honest I think it was the best drink I’ve had so far. They are all super unique and as a side to the drink you get a water which is enriched with cucumber and absinth. So don’t miss out on…..

DSC04576For a lovely breakfast or lunch Milos is nice. You can choose between a variety of eggs and breakfasts, granola etc. Its a lovely café and the dishes are really nice served.

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