Berlin Fashion Week – Marc Cain Show



As I’ve been to the Fashion Week in Berlin a few days ago, I was also lucky to have been invited to the Marc Cain Fashion Show.


Before I went to this one, I also visited their booth at Panorama Berlin, which was also quite impressive because it seems like they have at least the double amount of size than others do. I really liked their new sports wear, which is super hip and with a lot of rose and pink – coincidently one of my favorite colours 😀


Later on, I watched their show, which was without any lie amazing. The whole hall was decorated in a kind of jungle, caribbean, summer style with a lot of palm trees and purple lightning.

(If you want to see a part of the show click this link : IMG_1612 )

The fashion also reflected that decoration. With a lot of colorful dresses and perfectly styled outfits.
My personal highlight was that they had several celebrities at the show and among these, Alessandra Ambrosio and Milla Jovovich.

Aaaaand I was even more lucky to take a picture with Alessandra <3 Because of that I totally freaked out 😀


After the Show we went to the China Club at Adlon Hotel Berlin, which was the perfect ending for that day and evening. Slurping some wine while watching Berlin Reichstag and the sunset is just overwhelming, especially when you sit next to Alessandra.


A big thanks to Marc Cain for having me :)DSC04118

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