Mystic Garden Festival Amsterdam


Amsterdam is super known for all its Festivals. And as the Festival period started a few weeks ago, of course I have to give it a shot and experience the saga about Amsterdam’s Festivals by myself 😛

This time we went to the Mystic Garden Festival, which is located in Sloterpark. To be honest, I was not sure what to expect and I was not too convinced by the aftermovie of 2015…

But despite all my doubts about that Festival I was quite surprised when we arrived there.


The park was super cool decorated, lampions, old records and lametta hanging in the trees, it was all glittery and mystical at the same time. Faes and other mystically looking creatures where strolling around accompanied by fume, which created an even more fairytailish feeling.


Despite all that fancy atmosphere I also liked the different kind of stages. I didn’t know any of the artists before, so that was an extra surprise for me, too. There have been five stages in total, from Hip Hop to real hard core music you could find everything. And this is absolutely positive because through that mix everybody had the chance to find something :)  We’ve been to all stages and had a real funny time dancing and jumping and I absolutely can recommend this festival.


Also to mention is that it has a quite nice food area, with hammocks and chill out areas – ah and those beanbag chairs could be found everywhere, so whenever you felt a little tired you could just relax for a while 😉

So in sum, I was surprised by this festival in a positive way and enjoyed the day and evening a lot. The mystical surrounding was super nice and at night it was even more special.

Whenever you are in Amsterdam to that time, go ahead and visit the Mystic Garden Festival 😉

IMG_1329 kiss, diccty :)

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