Healthy Cookies


I absolutely love sweets… especially stuff like cookies, chocolate and ice-cream 😀

But of course I can’t eat all this junk all the time – I need an alternative. Luckily, I found some recipes that allow me to have some kind of chocolate and the best thing: I don’t have to feel guilty at all !!! hurraayyy 😀

Here we go, the recipe is pretty easy:

  1. take 2 bananas and smash them
  2. put oats in this, until you get a nice consistency
  3. add things like nuts, or cacao nibs or anything you want to have in your cookies
  4. form little balls and put them into the oven
  5.  180 °C , around 15 min
  6. let them cool down and ENJOY :)

That`s it :)

Simple, isn’t it 😉


Kiss, diccty

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