I’m Benni (diccty)

Hey my name is Benni,

here you’ll get some infomation about myself :-)

So have fun :

I am a 25 year – old german girl with a lot of different interests. I’m not only absolutely into sports and a healthy lifestyle, but I also love fashion and the modelbusiness. This is not very suprising as my mum owns a fashion store and worked as a model in former times, too. Basically, I was confronted with the fashion topic for my whole live. ( See more on ‘ I’m modeling ‘ )

I’m currently living and studying in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which is a quite cool spot! So if you ever have time for a little sightseeing tour – don’t miss out Amsterdam. Just an advice… 😉

What do I study? I’ve done my law degree back in Germany last year and because I thought i should deepen my knowledge a little more I’m doing my law masters in European Union Law now.

What else? Family issues?

I’ve got a huge family, which is quite cool and I really love our family life. But of course it can be super demanding, too. But nevertheless, I’m more than happy that I have my family and especially a family on which I can rely on absolutely! They always support me – whatever I would like to do.

Moreover, I’m in a relationship with my bestfriend, my soulmate and my big love.

Those should be the main topics, for now.

If you have any questions or favorite topics about which I should write – never hesistate to contact me :)

And for those who want to follow my daily routine –> don’t miss out to follow me on snapchat: diccty